The overall objective to which BEST (Begin an Educative Social Training) aims is to turn diversity into positivity, taught the value of respect for helping to break down prejudices and inner barriers...


The civic engagement of young adults- whether in the form of joining community groups, volunteering to help neighbors, or leading grassroots efforts to gain civil rights- is important to the health and performance of democracy. It is also important for personal growth and identity formation during the transition to adulthood.

Picture's Up

The Picture's Up project was created to give participants the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in the use of film and the theater to convey message. We want this project to encourage young people to become interested in art and to find new, creative ways to use it.


The project “Social Innovation Match” brings together 28 participants from 12 European organizations working for the empowerment of the young generations and willing to get in touch with different kinds of approach to social innovation in order to transfer these new knowledge and skills in their communities. The main event of the project will be a contact making seminar that will take place in Abano Terme (PD), Italy, from the 15th to the 19th of May 2017.


Sprinters aims at promoting sports in protected natural areas, especially sports that do not require special equipment. The choice of such sports among all is made, first from the identification of the commons elements among the contest places, but also in order to promote sports that can be practiced without discrimination of social class or economic status of origin.

Synergy in Learning & Cooperation (SiLC)

Demographical developments (lower birth rates and population aging) and migration (both within and from outside the EU) rapidly increases the generational and cultural diversity of the workforce. As a result, the strategies, measures and trainings tackling diversity, which have been so far of interest particular to the large international organisations, are now needed for Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises and Organisations (both public and NGOs) (=MSM E&Os) as well.

GP + Gender Positive

Gender Positive (GP+) project brings together youth workers, youth leaders and other professional working with youth, who are interested and ready to strengthen their competences and knowledge of gender and sexuality.
Within the transnational youth worker's training and networking project in the field of youth, 8 organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom will create a space for 24 practitioners in youth work to challenge their understanding and knowledge on the main topics of this project proposal.