Youth Empowerment Through Civic Engagement And Skills Development

The project ,,YOUTH EMPOWERMENT THROUGH CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT" reunites 5 organisations from Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The project will develop youth digital, civic and intercultural competencies preparing them to be global citizens of a rapidly changing multi-cultural global world.
The project encourages the innovation and imagination in the attempt to make youth understand that they are the creators of the future. Tackling essential topics of the daily living like landscape of the future, technology and people, self and health, youth will be encouraged to embrace a year of technological revolution by promoting artificial intelligence, increase web traffic, etc.

During short-term exchanges of groups of youth (Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey) partners will organize training courses with youth and youth workers for digital competences, activities with youth for achieving the project objectives, discuss the quality of the products, elaborate the interim report, evaluate the impact of the activities, analyze the results of the questionnaires, and exchange information about what was achieved.

The project is divided into topics that will be approached during the short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. These topics are: LANDSCAPE OF THE FUTURE, TECHNOLOGY AND PEOPLE, SELF AND HEALTH.
The final product will be the E-book ,,Digi competences for life" will provide youth workers and youth with instructions on how to utilise the platform and also provide information on the state-of-the-art of ICT and digital competences and other up-to-date methodologies in ICT.

The partnership will establish a successful beginning of a long-term cooperation and an international network between trainers and youth across Europe that will undoubtedly stimulate their professional and personal development.

Stowarzyszenie Opus Humanum - Poland
European center for innovation, education, science and culture - Bulgaria
Asociatia pentru Educatie si Formare - Romania
Hayat Boyu Gelisim Dernegi - Turkey
Cross Culture International Foundation Cyprus Ltd - Cyprus

Start: 2018 г.

Funding: Erasmus + КА 2