The idea developed by the organisation USB to develop two main objectives of the program - cultivating the economic idea and approach through ecology and also awakening ecological consciousness through the financial management of recyclable materials.
Participants will become more aware of multicultural diversity, its benefits and possibilities of self development. They will make new friendships and contacts, break stereotypes and discover the non-formal learning process. They will go out of their comfort zone.


  1. Preparation and information of the relatively new ways of economy-ecology and specifically in the investigation and cultivation of the concept of green development.
  2. Green development, which is economic development, is designed and implemented considering the environment as the core of every development plan of the state.Participants will also learn and become familiar with new ways of saving energy and wasting materials.
  3. The participation of young people from different social backgrounds contributes to the fight against social exclusion and xenophobia, phenomena whose appearance becomes more pronounced in times of crisis, such as the one going through the Greek state.


  • Workshops related to ecology, ways to save energy and reduce waste, as a mean of intercultural dialogue, and respect for the thoughts and opinions of others.
  • Laboratories for the creation of recyclable things.
  • Activities with human rights themes and equal opportunities for all, in order to cultivate a spirit of solidarity and help other people.
  • Environmental activities that include guided tours of the Stratoni environmental areas and group games in those areas.