Literature project

Organizing campaigns and events to raise young people's interest in books, literature and Bulgarian national spirit.

Start of the project: 2013

Financed by: European center for innovation, education, science and culture

Back to Work project

The Back to Work project is oriented towards young mothers who have interrupted their careers to raise their children and during that period lost contacts and skills. Since September, the center has organized a series of trainings in Gabrovo, Plovdiv and Burgas in various professional competence and psychological adaptation.
In addition, there will be courses to obtain specific qualifications. After each training everyone that has successfully passed will receive a certificate which can later serve to prove qualifications in front of a possible employer.

Youth online TV project

The project is aimed at young people aged between 16 and 35 years who want to develop skills and methods of informing the public about their activities and interests.
The aim of the project is to educate young people and to develop their responsibility, teamwork, communication skills, striving for personal and professional development, promoting and participating into activities related to cultural and social life.
Young people will create news reports, current affairs and will be able to generate programs directly related to their interests and needs.

E-school project

The project is an online-based informational platform for primary and secondary schools as well as for colleges and universities, which provides detailed information of the educational process and enables additional training and evaluation of the students.

It incorporates: