mYouth Lead in Shaping the Future

Project aims:
The project aim is to develop the capacity of consortium members [NGOs; Universities; and Business sector] for increasing public aware-ness for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals through using Digital marketing tools, particularly mobile application.
In that way, the main objective of this project is including young people and providing non-formal education for designing strategies for marketing policies and campaigns for sustainable development through using social media and smartphones.

In this context the project gathers 12 organizations from 11 countries: Australia; Austria; Bulgaria; Macedonia; Germany; Greece; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Nepal; Poland and Uzbekistan.

Project activities will be set on several different methodologies based on non-formal approach: Online Kickoff meeting and monthly online meeting of the Project management team; Mobility of youth workers; 12 Training Courses for own members and representatives of other NGOs, Business com-munity and/or Local authorities; National events and workshops for presen-tation of project outcomes; Final conference; and Final Webinar.

Realizing a main project activities, youth will gain a sense of self-worth, and ability to influence changes in their own lives and the wider community.

Marketing Gate - Macedonia
Asia Pacific Advanced Consultants - Australia
Monon e.U. - Austria
European Center for Innovation, Education, Science and Culture - Bulgaria
University of Vechta - Germany
The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development - Greece
Public Foundation „Gender-Vector‟ - Kyrgyzstan
Public organization „Echo‟ - Kazakhstan
„Pakomak‟ - Macedonia
VHS Bhaktapur - Nepal
Stowarzyszenie Instytut Nowych Technologii - Ploand
Tashkent state pedagogical university - Uzbekistan

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