Become a volunteer

Because you want to be actively involved in the youth online TV...
Because you have an active position in youth issues and problems that you wish to share ...
Because I was interested in learning and working with your peers on topics related to equality , non-violence and tolerance ...
Because you love a challenge and want to learn something new ...
Because you want to devote a few hours a week to volunteer ...
Because you want to find new friends ...
... Come and be part of the volunteer’s team at the European center for innovation, education, science and culture - Gabrovo.
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Volunteering is a way of thinking!
It is priceless!
Being a volunteer is a matter of a personal choice.
To be a volunteer means to donate your labor for free in return for knowledge and experience.
Being a volunteer means to spend time in activities that are enjoyable, useful and fun, activities that help you develop and acquire new skills, meet new people and places.
Being a volunteer means to believe and support the cause that you have chosen.
Being a volunteer means never being alone.
What we offer?
Becoming part of a motivated team of volunteers who work with young people;
As well as training on the following topics:
• Journalism;
• Photography;
• Music;
• Social networks and ways of communication;
• Leadership and teamwork;
• Public speech;
• Equality and tolerance;
• Ecology and others;
You will also participate in the preparation, publication and distribution of youth online TV;
For all trainings passed you will get a certificate to certify the new knowledge and your experience as a volunteer;
You will also get full support for your ideas from the team;
And last but not least you will make new friends and contacts!
Where you can find us:
40 Aprilov Blvd
Mall of Gabrovo, 5th floor, office 2
tel : 0899885167
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