Training center

The Institute for Quality Education at the European Centre for innovation, education, science and culture is composed of senior professionals with proven experience in providing behavioral training. The training center offers various interactive programs established upon approved European standards.

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The programs for training and team building are prepared according to the individual requirements and needs of the company or organization.
After our training you will experience improved microenvironment in your business, better team performance and higher production results. The main reason for achieving success in a business environment is the training of the personnel in it. Employees contribute for 85 % of the results in business. That is why it is extremely important to invest in continuous improvement of their qualifications.

What you will experience as a result of our trainings:

• Increasing Profits ;
• Enhancing personal effectiveness of managers and employees and improvement of their relationships ;
• Increase in the competitiveness of the company ;
• Better motivation of the team, increased loyalty, which would lead to a reduction in staff turnover ;
• Improved teamwork and reduced errors during the working process
• Environment where everyone explores their own behavior and reactions and becomes part of the team, while acquiring and developing new skills.

Why the seminar type training?

It is scientifically proven that the acquisition and utilization of knowledge and skills in the form of training, is much more effective than standard conventional way of lecturing. The rate of perception and memorization through standart lecturing is 7-12 %, while through the combination of lecturing and behavioral training the knowledge rate reaches 82%.


What is the training like - This is a method to acquire new skills that applied in a corporate environment would increase the efficiency of the team, create conditions for a relaxed and creative atmosphere as well as prevent and eliminate conflicts. Through this type of training productivity, communication and motivation would significantly increase within the team and within the company as a whole.

The trainings that we conduct are:

• Team building
• Negotiations and dealing with conflicts
• Time Management
• Sales Management
• Leadership Skills
• Presentation skills
• Communication skills
• Negotiation skills
• Management of motivation
• Trust building
• Sales skills


What is unique in our seminars?
As well as approved training methods Revolution team applies innovative approache to their seminars for better perception and memorization.
The seminars that we conduct include:
• Advertising strategies
• Innovations in advertising - and how to sell on the market in crisis?
• Marketing planning and audit
• How to transfer your business on the Internet
• How to promote your products and services
• Approaches and methods to improve business skills
• How to run business independently
• How to find a job and start a new career
• Dealing with conflicts
• Career development
• Business Etiquette
• Strategic sales techniques
• Human Resources Management - choice and control of personnel
• Trade and business negotiations
• Public image
• Allocation of responsibilities and powers
• Attracting and retaining new customers
• Manage business relations and after sales service
• What is a QR code and how to apply it
• How to successfully present ourselves and our work
• How to optimize your website (SEO)