We believe that all young people have the capacity to live fulfilling, productive lives and make positive contributions to their communities.
That is why we create an environment and opportunities to unleash their full potential.

European Center for Innovation, Education, Science and Culture is a non-government public benefit foundation.

Our mission is to help young people in their personal and professional development.

The objectives of the foundation are:
• To promote and encourage youth development and active participation into activities related to the cultural and social life;
• To conduct informative campaigns and seminars, trainings and conferences aimed at knowledge improvement;
• To increase interest and motivate the desire for personal development, self-awareness, self-responsibility and responsibility towards society through education;
• To create conditions for the development and success of young people into finding innovative solutions;
• To encourage the professional development of disadvantaged people;
• To strengthen the spiritual values of civil society and its participation in public life;
• To facilitate social integration as well as personal and professional development;
• To conduct social events and organize voluntary and other support initiatives and related activities;
• To promote and encourage the development of volunteering;
• To support children and young people from problematic families’ envoirenment and to enable them to overcome stress through an established effective environment for learning and to turn them into tomorrow’s worthy citizens of the European family.