Raising awareness of citizens' rights - Team 42

EEA_GrantsThe aim of the project "Raising awareness of citizens' rights - Team 42" is to reveal, develop and promote democratic values ​​and the protection of basic human rights among children, youth, vulnerable groups and Roma Stroevo village and the region.

"European innovation, education, science and culture"
Chitalishte "Probuda 1929", Stroevo.

About the project:
Adolescents are surrounded by violence and aggression every day. The project will encourage deeper reflection on human behavior, tolerance and the protection of human life, raising awareness of citizens' rights.

Trainings: Intercultural Dialogue; Sociological concepts; Facilitation and management group; Humanitarian law.

Mentors will conduct role-playing game "Raid Cross", which will include 42 participants. Through interactive approach will promote the tolerance. Will raise awareness of the humanitarian problems and conflict situations. Raid Cross is a tool created by the Belgian and French Red Cross, and aims to develop a sense of teamwork, sensitivity and understanding for humanitarian actions, promotion of democratic values ​​and the protection of fundamental human rights, as responsibility, reflection on human behavior and sensitivity to themes such as human dignity.

The project will conclude with an exhibition, a film projection and display of 42 pictures from the Raid Cross Game.

Financing: NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area