Young people have an essential position in the development and promotion of the culture, including the values of tolerance and respect.
“Y(OUR) Culture” project aims to build bridges between the traditions and modernity to reinforce the memorisation process of the past and to connect young people from a variety of cultures in a unique project in which through collaboration they can create an exhibition of tolerance and memorialisation of the past.
Young people will represent their history and culture of their home countries, they will work for eight days to create an exhibition in which through their feelings and points of view will transmit the values of tolerance and diversity. The project it is primarily focused on the knowledge and skills of the young participants like; dance, theatre, music, poetry, elements which help to increase social cohesion and tolerance.
Through the participation of youth in culture projects, we help in the development of thinking skills, build self-esteem, and improve resilience. Young people should be trained about the importance of independence, critical thinking, innovative based actions, to achieve to make them think about possible solutions on how to increase the welfare and the cultural assets of their communities.
The youth exchange objectives:
1. Youth as contributors to the development of culture and tolerance values.
2. Act as a bridge between different cultures through their involvement in promoting tradition.
3. Raise concerns and identify issues related to the community involvement in culture and traditions protection.
4. Strengthening tolerance values and respect for diversity among young people.
5. Develop ideas to link the tradition and history with modernity.

The participants will have the opportunity to exchange their experiences with each other and to provide equal participation of all the participants in the sessions. The participants will get assistance during the whole project, they will be asked about their opinions related to the activities and the project, and also, they will have the ability to share their reflections and expectations with each other.
The participants will develop a positive awareness of other cultures and will develop a sense of tolerance and understanding of diversity. It will be a cultural evening through which the participants will be able to represent their countries by bringing a specific element in it and also, they will expand their contacts with the other participants.
This project will help participants to develop their English and will increase their confidence in communication in a second language. Also, they will develop their art by providing innovative ways to promote their culture and tradition. At the end of the project, all the participants will be equipped with a wide knowledge related to arts and the connection with culture. Also, they will gain a practical perspective in the creation of an exhibition.
Through this project, the quality of youth will be increased and also, the active participation and engagement in the society through promoting the concept of voluntary work among youth, with full understanding the importance of teamwork and culture among different groups of youngsters. The involvement of youth in the culture projects increases the level of creativity among youth. This project if a step further in the process of diversity and culture, it is a bridge which connects universal values and the development of citizenship values among youth.

Year: 2019 г.


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