Media - be careful what you believe in

At present, the vast majority of information we take from the media. We often believe them blindly. We have often experienced situations in which we believed in some very popular article or video published onlined, which later turned out to be totally fake. We observe this especially in the case of articles / videos about refugee and imigrants - every now and then there is information on our Facebook wall that someone has been raped, beaten, attacked, etc. They have a sensational form so they become popular and shared very fast. Below them we often see harsh comments of our friends. It is frightening to see comments full of hatry written by people we know, who are really nice in every day life. We also do not know how to react for it, and if we should react at all (what if the published information is true?).
We would like jointly reflect and discuss these issues because they are part of our daily lives.
By participating in youth exchanges, we will consider how to identify in the media the truth of false information (on concrete examples materials regarding immigrants and refugees), how such manipulations lead to hate speech, and how we can fight and respond to it. We also want to discuss the facts and myths of immigrants and refugees - in such a rush of conflicting information, we no longer know what to believe in, what is true and what is not. This knowledge is also crucial for us to be able to catch the lies and manipulations in the media in this regard.

Youth exchange "Media - be careful what you believe in" will take place from 7th-15th August in Wisła, Poland. It will involve 20 young people (5 from each country) aged 18-25 and 4 youth leaders (1 from each country).

Participating countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania.