E-school project

The project is an online-based informational platform for primary and secondary schools as well as for colleges and universities, which provides detailed information of the educational process and enables additional training and evaluation of the students.

It incorporates:

- Study materials in the form of an electronic library, both for students and teachers to use
- Tests in all subjects
- Electronic diaries and notebooks
- Information for the ongoing courses - where, when and how to apply
- Enables teachers to individually prepare study materials and tests
- Reports for the students in terms of marks, absences and behavior with full access for parents to the student’s file - Opportunity for distance learning
- Enables the creation of online clubs of interest where students can exchange information and experience
- Possibility for chat connections between student - student and student - teacher
- Complete information for the teachers - teacher's portfolio
- Event notifications and subscription

Start of the project
: 2013

Financed by: European center for innovation, education, science and culture