Back to Work project

The Back to Work project is oriented towards young mothers who have interrupted their careers to raise their children and during that period lost contacts and skills. Since September, the center has organized a series of trainings in Gabrovo, Plovdiv and Burgas in various professional competence and psychological adaptation.
In addition, there will be courses to obtain specific qualifications. After each training everyone that has successfully passed will receive a certificate which can later serve to prove qualifications in front of a possible employer.
In the center you can take advantage of a free consultation on how to find a job and how to select a suitable position for you, how to adapt more easily and how to enter faster workflow, as well as how to explore the potential employer and others.
More information about our courses and trainings you can get at .

Start of the project : 2013

Financed by: European center for innovation, education, science and culture