TransFORMATION for a better future

The purpose is to empower the participants of our training course to implement in future GCED projects in their local contexts. Our target group includes a wide range of actors because we believe that GCED methods are extremely valuable beginning in early childhood and continuing through all levels of education into adulthood, including both formal and informal approaches.

Specific objectives:
1) Designing teaching and learning in an interactive and learner-centered way that enables exploratory, action-oriented, and transformative learning.
2) Rethinking learning environments to inspire learners to act for sustainability.
3) Making schools a place that prepares students to be better citizens and ensures a quality education
4) Enable participants to see the global problems of society; they can define their causes and consequences and become actors of change
5) Develop and disseminate good practices on ESD and GCED within and between European countries to better implement education programs and enhance international cooperation and understanding.
6) Promote an interdisciplinary, and multi-stakeholder approach to ensure ESD and GCED at all levels and in formal as well as non-formal education.