Media - be careful what you believe in

At present, the vast majority of information we take from the media. We often believe them blindly. We have often experienced situations in which we believed in some very popular article or video published onlined, which later turned out to be totally fake. We observe this especially in the case of articles / videos about refugee and imigrants - every now and then there is information on our Facebook wall that someone has been raped, beaten, attacked, etc. They have a sensational form so they become popular and shared very fast. Below them we often see harsh comments of our friends.


Young people have an essential position in the development and promotion of the culture, including the values of tolerance and respect.
“Y(OUR) Culture” project aims to build bridges between the traditions and modernity to reinforce the memorisation process of the past and to connect young people from a variety of cultures in a unique project in which through collaboration they can create an exhibition of tolerance and memorialisation of the past.

Climate change education CC EDU

Climate change education occupies a major node in school education. It is a rich topic to explore in the classroom. The fact that climate change may be viewed on local, regional, and international levels — not to mention through scientific, civic, and cultural lenses — provides students with the opportunity to develop critical analysis skills and ability synthesize information. It provides an important window into individual and societal responsibility, making it relevant for all partners involved and a global urgent matter.

Sports Activator

Sports Activator (SpAct) is a small collaborative partnerships project with 3 main activities, involving 8 non-profit private and public partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Romania and Turkey.
The aim of Sports Activator is to raise the awareness on the value of sport and physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals.


The overall objective to which BEST (Begin an Educative Social Training) aims is to turn diversity into positivity, taught the value of respect for helping to break down prejudices and inner barriers...


The civic engagement of young adults- whether in the form of joining community groups, volunteering to help neighbors, or leading grassroots efforts to gain civil rights- is important to the health and performance of democracy. It is also important for personal growth and identity formation during the transition to adulthood.