The civic engagement of young adults- whether in the form of joining community groups, volunteering to help neighbors, or leading grassroots efforts to gain civil rights- is important to the health and performance of democracy. It is also important for personal growth and identity formation during the transition to adulthood.

Today's young adults are less likely than those in earlier generations to exhibit many important characteristics of citizenship, raising the question of whether these differences represent a decline or simply a delay in traditional adult patterns of civic engagement Whilst inevitably the internet provides the ability to participate in society online and promotes social inclusion, a special emphasis will be given to the new media society
and particularly the Web, as a means of revitalizing civic life and democracy.

Believing that just as the education has promoted democracy and economic growth, the Internet has the potential to benefit society as a whole, one of the main ramifications of the project will be based upon the active citizenship in the digital era. The working method will be based upon non-formal education while the objectives are specially designed in such a way, in order to approach the subject with accuracy and susceptibility.

More specifically we have the following intention-targets:
- To equip youth workers with necessary skills and competencies in order to address the democratic disconnect of young people using innovative techniques.
- To identify those digital mediums that motivates young people to actively participate Online.
- To develop communication techniques interwoven with the social media society that inspires young people to be active citizens.
- To share effective Online tools the participating organizations are currently being using with the intention to engage people in democratic processes.
- To strengthen the partners cooperation through the Erasmus + program, in particular in the field of democratic participation of youth.

The training will be hosted in Brescia, Italy by Mistral from 19/03/2018 until 23/03/2018 in cooperation with partner organizations from Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Romany, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Estonia and Slovenia.

Funding: Erasmus +